*New piece* (in progress) for prepared guitar

Ver (2013) for piano

Premiere: 2013-12-05 – St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield, UK – Mark Knoop, piano

Instead (2013) for clarinet

Premiere: 2013-09-25 – Berlin, Germany – Heather Roche, clarinet.

Recording: Heather Roche (2015) Ptelea. Huddersfield Contemporary Recordings.

Fosforesciamo (2012) for harpsichord

Inked in Paths (2012) for viola

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Sláinte! (2010) for piano

Premiere: 2010-12-09 – Ted Mann Concert Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA – Noriko Kawai, piano

De Mares Imaginados (2009) for flute

Premiere: 2011-02-15 – Impuls Academy, Graz, Austria – Klaasje Nieuwhof, flute

Praeludium (2008) for oboe / saxophone

Premiere: 2015-04-11 – Sala Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile – José Luis Urquieta, oboe

Silente (Étude Oblique III, 2007) for viola (also versions for violin or cello)

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Chamber / Ensemble

 *New piece* (in progress) for oboe and piano

Intersperso-Ultradiano (2017) for electric bass and ensemble

Commissioned by Decibel New Music for their Electronic Concerto project at THNMF 2017.

Untitled on Earth (2016) for double bass and percussion

New Forms of Asymmetry (2015) for guitar & ensemble (fl. cl. vln. vcl. perc. pn.)

Commissioned by Ensemble Interface for their 2015 UK Tour.

Premiere: 2015-11-17 – International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, UK – Diego Castro Magas, guitar & ensemble interface.

Margin (2015) miniature for bass clarinet, viola d’amore and accordion

Premiere: 2015-06-06 – Riot Ensemble’s portfolio concert, London, UK – Heather Roche,, Marco Fusi, vla. d’amore, Rafal Luc, accordion.

Acrisolares (2015) for ensemble (fl. sx. perc. pn.)

Commissioned by Festival Mixtur 2015 for Ensemble CrossingLines

Premiere: 2015-04-25 – Festival Mixtur, Barcelona, Spain – Ensemble CrossingLines

Plasmares (2014) for ensemble (fl. cl. sx. tbn. synth. e-gtr. perc. pn.)

Commissioned by hcmf// 2014 for Ensemble CrossingLines

Premiere: 2014-11-24 – L’Auditori (Sampler Sèries), Barcelona, Spain – Ensemble CrossingLines

Monotype #2 (2014) for soprano, flute and electric guitar

Premiere: 2014-04-11 – ANODE Festival, New Orleans, USA – Amanda DeBoer, sopr. Shanna Gutierrez, fl. Jesse Langen, e-gtr.

Monotype #1 (2014) for soprano, flute and electric guitar

Premiere: 2014-04-11 – ANODE Festival, New Orleans, USA – Amanda DeBoer, sopr. Shanna Gutierrez, fl. Jesse Langen, e-gtr.

Últimos (2013) for string trio

Premiere: 2014-03-25 – Filharmonia Łódzka, Łódź, Poland – Distractfold Ensemble

Two Surfaces (2013) for ensemble (a.fl. cl. perc. vln. vcl.)

Premiere: 2013-04-26 – Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, Witten, Germany – ensemble Hand Werk

Debris (2012) for ensemble (flhn. tbn. e-gtr. perc.)

Premiere: 2013-02-08 – St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield, UK – ELISION Ensemble


Ibid (2012) miniature for flute and piano

Premiere: 2012-07-23 – OpenSpace, 46. Ferienkurse für neue Musik, Darmstadt, Germany – Ensemble Interface

Fragments after Cioran (2012) for ensemble (b.fl. cl. perc. pn. vln. vcl.)

Premiere: 2012-03-09 – Zeitgewoben festival, Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland – Ensemble Interface

Antes (2011) for ensemble (ob. cl. perc. vla. vcl.)

Premiere: 2011-08-21 – Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany – Ensemble SurPlus

Untitled on Canvas (2011) for two baritone saxophones

Premiere: 2011-06-27 – Utrecht Conservatory, Utrecht, The Netherlands – Alejandro Rivas & Karem Ruiz, bar.sax

Interalia (2010) for ensemble (fl. ob. cl. hn. tp. tbn. perc. hp. vln. vla. vcl.)

Premiere: 2012-10-31 – De Bijloke, ISCM World Music Days, Ghent, Belgium – Spectra Ensemble, cond. Filip Rathé

Inherent Nodes (2009) for guitar consort (S, A, T, B & Cb guitars)

Commissioned by the Chilean Arts Council (FonMus 2009)

Premiere: 2015-11-10 – Festival Musicahora, La Serena, Chile – Consort Guitarrístico de Chile

De Mares Antiguos (2009) for saxophone quartet

Commissioned by the Chilean Arts Council (FonMus 2009)

Premiere: 2011-03-26 – King’s College, London, UK – FUKIO Saxophone Quartet

Rauco (2008) for piano quartet

no data

Étude Oblique II (2007) for string quartet

no data

Étude Oblique I (2006) for string quartet

Premiere: 2016-09-03 – BIFEM, Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, Bendigo, Australia – Argonaut Quartet

Simurg (2006) for violin and electronics


Maquinal Insania (2005) for ensemble


Tripali (2004) for soprano, viola and live electronics


Bahari II (2004) for ensemble and live electronics


Bestias de Mármol (2003) for reciting voice and ensemble


Umbral (2003) for ensemble


Nell'umida terra (2002) for two pianos


Para seguir sin rumbo en el desierto (2002) for clarinet and piano



Jolt (2013) collaboration with video artist Loren Holmes (Australia)

Premiere: 2013-05-10 – The Cars that Ate Perth (exhibition), Spectrum Project Space, ECU, Perth, Australia. video 

Fractal (2003-2004) collaboration with choreographer Carolina Bravo (Chile)

Premiere: 2004-06-01 – Centro de Extensión PUC, Santiago, Chile.

Sound Installation

TLT-MZK (2014) at the exhibition room of the Austrian Federal Chancellery (BKA) in Vienna.


(To obtain these and other works’ performance material, please get in touch.)