Ver (2013) for piano

Premiere: 2013-12-05 – St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield, UK – Mark Knoop, piano

Instead (2013) for clarinet

Premiere: 2013-09-25 – Berlin, Germany – Heather Roche, clarinet.

Recording: Heather Roche (2015) Ptelea. Huddersfield Contemporary Recordings.

Fosforesciamo (2012) for harpsichord

Inked in Paths (2012) for viola

no data

Sláinte! (2010) for piano

Premiere: 2010-12-09 – Ted Mann Concert Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA – Noriko Kawai, piano

De Mares Imaginados (2009) for flute

Premiere: 2011-02-15 – Impuls Academy, Graz, Austria – Klaasje Nieuwhof, flute

Praeludium (2008) for oboe / saxophone

Premiere: 2015-04-11 – Sala Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile – José Luis Urquieta, oboe

Silente (Étude Oblique III, 2007) for viola (also versions for violin or cello)

no data

Chamber / Ensemble

 *New piece* (in progress) for oboe and piano

Intersperso-Ultradiano (2017) for electric bass and ensemble

Commissioned by Decibel New Music for their upcoming concert at the THNMF 2017.

Untitled on Earth (2016) for double bass and percussion

Premiere:  2017-06-21 – State Theatre of WA, Perth, Australia (Scale Variable Concert Series, Tura New Music) – Joan Wright, double bass & Louise Devenish, percussion

New Forms of Asymmetry (2015) for guitar & ensemble (fl. cl. vln. vcl. perc. pn.)

Commissioned by Ensemble Interface for their 2015 UK Tour.

Premiere: 2015-11-17 – International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, UK – Diego Castro Magas, guitar & ensemble interface.

Margin (2015) miniature for bass clarinet, viola d’amore and accordion

Premiere: 2015-06-06 – Riot Ensemble’s portfolio concert, London, UK – Heather Roche,, Marco Fusi, vla. d’amore, Rafal Luc, accordion.

Acrisolares (2015) for ensemble (fl. sx. perc. pn.)

Commissioned by Festival Mixtur 2015 for Ensemble CrossingLines

Premiere: 2015-04-25 – Festival Mixtur, Barcelona, Spain – Ensemble CrossingLines

Plasmares (2014) for ensemble (fl. cl. sx. tbn. synth. e-gtr. perc. pn.)

Commissioned by hcmf// 2014 for Ensemble CrossingLines

Premiere: 2014-11-24 – L’Auditori (Sampler Sèries), Barcelona, Spain – Ensemble CrossingLines

Monotype #2 (2014) for soprano, flute and electric guitar

Premiere: 2014-04-11 – ANODE Festival, New Orleans, USA – Amanda DeBoer, sopr. Shanna Gutierrez, fl. Jesse Langen, e-gtr.

Monotype #1 (2014) for soprano, flute and electric guitar

Premiere: 2014-04-11 – ANODE Festival, New Orleans, USA – Amanda DeBoer, sopr. Shanna Gutierrez, fl. Jesse Langen, e-gtr.

Últimos (2013) for string trio

Premiere: 2014-03-25 – Filharmonia Łódzka, Łódź, Poland – Distractfold Ensemble

Two Surfaces (2013) for ensemble (a.fl. cl. perc. vln. vcl.)

Premiere: 2013-04-26 – Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, Witten, Germany – ensemble Hand Werk

Debris (2012) for ensemble (flhn. tbn. e-gtr. perc.)

Premiere: 2013-02-08 – St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield, UK – ELISION Ensemble


Ibid (2012) miniature for flute and piano

Premiere: 2012-07-23 – OpenSpace, 46. Ferienkurse für neue Musik, Darmstadt, Germany – Ensemble Interface

Fragments after Cioran (2012) for ensemble (b.fl. cl. perc. pn. vln. vcl.)

Premiere: 2012-03-09 – Zeitgewoben festival, Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland – Ensemble Interface

Antes (2011) for ensemble (ob. cl. perc. vla. vcl.)

Premiere: 2011-08-21 – Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany – Ensemble SurPlus

Untitled on Canvas (2011) for two baritone saxophones

Premiere: 2011-06-27 – Utrecht Conservatory, Utrecht, The Netherlands – Alejandro Rivas & Karem Ruiz, bar.sax

Interalia (2010) for ensemble (fl. ob. cl. hn. tp. tbn. perc. hp. vln. vla. vcl.)

Premiere: 2012-10-31 – De Bijloke, ISCM World Music Days, Ghent, Belgium – Spectra Ensemble, cond. Filip Rathé

Inherent Nodes (2009) for guitar consort (S, A, T, B & Cb guitars)

Commissioned by the Chilean Arts Council (FonMus 2009)

Premiere: 2015-11-10 – Festival Musicahora, La Serena, Chile – Consort Guitarrístico de Chile

De Mares Antiguos (2009) for saxophone quartet

Commissioned by the Chilean Arts Council (FonMus 2009)

Premiere: 2011-03-26 – King’s College, London, UK – FUKIO Saxophone Quartet

Rauco (2008) for piano quartet

no data

Étude Oblique II (2007) for string quartet

no data

Étude Oblique I (2006) for string quartet

Premiere: 2016-09-03 – BIFEM, Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, Bendigo, Australia – Argonaut Quartet


Jolt (2013) collaboration with video artist Loren Holmes (Australia)

Premiere: 2013-05-10 – The Cars that Ate Perth (exhibition), Spectrum Project Space, ECU, Perth, Australia. video 

Fractal (2003-2004) collaboration with choreographer Carolina Bravo (Chile)

Premiere: 2004-06-01 – Centro de Extensión PUC, Santiago, Chile.

Sound Installation

TLT-MZK (2014) at the exhibition room of the Austrian Federal Chancellery (BKA) in Vienna.


(To obtain these and other works’ performance material, please get in touch.)