Sounds from the Southern Hemisphere

I’ve recently come across one of those silly articles that list like “50 musical masterpieces of the 21st Century”. It’s not my aim here to point everything that’s wrong with those, but it often baffles me how, just like that article, most programming of contemporary music festivals and ensembles in the Northern Hemisphere tend to completely ignore what’s being done in the other half of the world. I know some notable exceptions, but it seems like contemporary art music, especially in Europe, suffers from an awful lot of complacency within their much-enforced safe borders.

Without any chauvinistic intention, I’ve compiled this playlist with some current music from the Southern Hemisphere that you may or –most likely– may not have come across before. Some of the artists in it I’ve known personally and admired their work for many years, some others I’ve never met and only recently discovered their music. What they have in common, beyond a general geographical denomination, is that they have something to say that I believe is worth listening.

The playlist is by force incomplete, so I’ll keep adding new music as I find it.