2022.09.16 Perth, Australia
Performance at Audible Edge 2022, organised by Tone List.

2022.07.26 Melbourne, Australia
DecibelNewMusic perform ‘Chronotope-Situation No.2’ as part of their ‘2 minutes from home’ show at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

2022.07.11 Perth, Australia
DecibelNewMusic perform ‘Chronotope-Situation No.2’ as part of their ‘2 minutes from home’ show at the Revelation Film Festival.

2022.05.26 Perth, Australia
Performance at Outcome Unknown #72.

2022.03.05 CDMX, Mexico
‘Fragments after Cioran’ performed by ensemble CEPROMUSIC at the Museo José Luis Cuevas.

2022.03.04 Online (CDMX, Mexico)
Panelist at online round table organised by ensemble CEPROMUSIC on the topic of “Building Latin American exchanges in new music”. Watch here.


2021.12.19 Cologne, Germany
‘Two Surfaces’ performed by ensemble Hand Werk at the Alte Feuerbache.

2021.11.10 Santiago, Chile
‘Intersperso-Ultradiano’ performed by Taller Ciclo at XXX Festival de Música Contemporánea.

2021.11.05 Saarbrücken, Germany
‘Chronotope-Situation No.3’ presented at eviMus – 8. Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und visuelle Musik.

2021.02.27 Montréal, Canada
‘Chronotope-Situation No.2’ performed by DecibelNewMusic at La Grande Nuit 2021 — Au-delà de la notation.

2021.02.07 Trento, Italy
‘De Mares Antiguos’ performed by MP Saxophone Quartet at Signal to Noise 0.1.


2020.12.16 Perth, Australia
‘Chronotope-Situation No.3’ premiered online (commissioned by Tone List as part of ‘NotNotMusic’). watch

2020.11.26 Perth, Australia
‘Chronotope-Situation No.2’ premiered online (commissioned by Decibel as part of ‘2 minutes from home’). watch

2020.07.31 Perth, Australia
‘Chronotope-Situation No.1’ premiered online (commissioned by Tura New Music as part of ‘No Borders’). watch

2020.05.03 Perth, Australia
OU Talk #1. Pedro Alvarez: ‘Composing without a score’. Outcome Unknown.

2020.04.25 Auckland, NZ
ELISION Ensemble performs ‘Acrisolares’ at the ISCM 2020 World New Music Days.
**Cancelled due to #COVID19**

2020.04.06 Perth, Australia
Improv performance at Audible Edge 2020.
**Cancelled due to #COVID19**

2020.02.15-16 Huddersfield, UK
Presentation of new paper: ‘A Revolt to Dance to’ at the Capitalist Realism symposium, University of Huddersfield.

2020.02.07 San Diego, CA, USA
Alexandria Smith performs ‘Canto’ in her solo recital at FONT West 2020.


2019.11.29 Brisbane, Australia
Alex Raineri (piano) and Katina Olsen (dance) will premiere ‘Insurrecta’ as part of their ‘Bloodpaths’ project, at Brisbane Music Festival.


2019.11.10 Cambridge, MA, USA
‘Silente (Étude Oblique IIIc)’ premiered by Stephen Marotto / Equilibrium.

2019.07.05 Tokyo, Japan
Phidias Trio premieres ‘Ultranza’ in concert at the Suginami Koukaidou in Tokyo.

2019.02.26 Perth, Australia
Guest lecture at the University of Western Australia.

2019.01.19 Melbourne, Australia
Teaching and performing at Tilde festival in Melbourne. 


2018-12-18 Perth, Australia
Improvisation at Noizemaschin #90 with Djuna Lee, Eduardo Cossio and Dan O’Connor.

2018.11.20 Melbourne, Australia
Tristram Williams (ELISION Ensemble) gives Australian premiere of ‘Canto’ at the Brunswick Green.

2018.11.19 Perth, Australia
Improvisation at Outcome Unknown #21 with Djuna Lee, Eduardo Cossio and Dan O’Connor.

2018.10.27 CDMX, Mexico
‘Untitled on Earth’ premiered by ELISION Ensemble at Festival Vértice, in Mexico City.

2018.10.25 CDMX, Mexico
‘Canto’ premiered by Tristram Williams (ELISION Ensemble) at Festival Vértice, in Mexico City.

2018.10.20 Minnesota, USA
‘Untitled on Earth’ premiered by 113collective at the Twin Cities New Music Festival.

2018.10.09 Valparaíso, Chile
‘Inherent Nodes’ performed by Consort Guitarrístico de Chile at the XV Festival Darwin Vargas.

2018.08.05 Perth, Australia
Lecture on functions of musical notation in works of Ferneyhough, Estrada, and Lim at Cool Change Gallery.


2017.11.22 Melbourne, Australia
Keynote lecture at the Melbourne Music Analysis Sumer School.

2017.10.24 Perth, Australia
‘Intersperso-Ultradiano’ for electric bass and ensemble, commissioned by DecibelNewMusic premiered at the THNMF.

2017.10.05 London, UK
‘Praeludium’ performed by J. L. Urquieta in concert at King’s College London.

2017.09-10 Germany-Argentina-Chile
Ensemble New Babylon perform ‘Praeludium’: 09.26 Bremen, Schwankhalle / 09.29 Buenos Aires, UNQ / 10.02 Santa Fe, UNL / 10.06 La Serena, ULS / 10.10 Santiago, Sala SCD / 10.13 Hamburg, A. Schnittke Akademie / 10.14 Leipzig, Kulturnhalle

2017.08.14 Perth, Australia
iMprov #11 with guest Lenny Jacobs (drums). Four5Nine, North Perth, 8pm.


2017.07.22 Perth, Australia
‘Instead’ performed by Lindsay Vickery at GreyWing’s Scale Variable concert at the State Theatre Centre of WA.

2017.07.06 Barcelona, Spain
Ensemble CrossingLines performs ‘Acrisolares’ at Fabra i Coats.

2017.05.23 Melbourne, Australia
Improv performance with Cat Hope at the Make It Up Club in Fitzroy.

2017.05.19 Melbourne, Australia
Guest lecture at Monash University composition seminar.

2017.05.15 Santiago, Chile
‘Praeludium’ performed by José Luis Urquieta in concert at the National Library in Santiago.

2017.04.07-08 Minnesota, USA
Strains New Music Ensemble performs ‘Acrisolares’ at 113’s concert series in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.

2017.03.05 Trento, Italy
MP Saxophone Quartet performs ‘De Mares Antiguos’ at Associazione culturale MotoContrario’s Festival Contrasti.

2017.01.27. Greensboro, NC, USA
Kyle Hutchins performs ‘Praeludium’ in guest artist recital at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

2017.01.19 Vancouver, Canada
Mark Takeshi McGregor will perform and record ‘De Mares Imaginados’ for Redshift.


2016.12.17 Perth, Australia
Improvisation at Outcome Unknown #4 concert at Spectrum, ECU, feat. Eduardo Cossio, Zoe Kilbourne and Sage Pbbbt.

2016.11.20 Santiago, Chile
Ensemble Contemporáneo & Diego Castro perform ‘New Forms of Asymmetry’.

2016.11.02 Perth, Australia.
‘De Mares Imaginados’ performed by Kirsten Smith, Soundstorm ensemble’s concert at the State Theatre of WA (Tura New Music ‘Scale Variable’ series.) I conduct Giacinto Scelsi’s ‘Okanagon’.

2016.09.03 Bendigo, Australia
World premiere of ‘Étude Oblique I’ by the Argonaut Quartet at BIFEM 2016.

2016.08.25 Perth, Australia
Solo Improv performance at Tone List’s new CD launch, Paper Mountain gallery.

2016.08.22 Asunción, Paraguay
José Luis Urquieta performs ‘Praeludium’ at ‘Casa del Bicentenario de la Música Agustín Barrios Mangoré’.

2016.06.19 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Klaasje Nieuwhof performs ‘De Mares Imaginados’ at Het Veem, Toets des Tijds.

2016.06.07 Perth, Australia
Guest conductor with Decibel ensemble in the Australian premiere of Roger Smalley’s ‘Zeitebenen’, State Theatre of WA (Tura New Music’s ‘Scale Variable’ series.)

2016.04.26 Perth, Australia
Guest lecture at UWA School of Music’s Seminar Series.

2016.04.10 Barcelona, Spain
Ensemble CrossingLines performs ‘Monotypes’ at l’Auditori.

2016.04.02 Helsinki, Finland
Jonas Olsson performs ‘Ver’ at Balderin Talo (‘Future Classics’ concert part of the Key Discoveries series.)

2016.03.07 Huddersfield, UK
Trace Ensemble performs ‘Monotypes’ at St Paul’s Hall.


2015.11.26 Huddersfield, UK
Heather Roche’s CD ‘Ptelea’, incl. my solo clarinet piece ‘Instead’ released by HCR.

2015.11.23 Huddersfield, UK
Ensemble Interface and Diego Castro Magas perform ‘New Forms of Asymmetry’ at hcmf// 2015.

2015.11.19 Leeds, UK
Guest lecture at University of Leeds’ Music Research Seminar.

2015.11.17 Manchester, UK
Ensemble Interface and Diego Castro Magas premiere ‘New Forms of Asymmetry’ in UK tour. Subsequent performances on the 18th in Leeds, and 19th in London.

2015.11.10 La Serena, Chile
Consort Guitarrístico de Chile will premiere ‘Inherent Nodes’ at Festival Musicahora.

2015.11.04 Stockholm, Sweden
Ensemble CrossingLines performs ‘Acrisolares’ at Sound of Stockholm.

2015.10.15 Perth, Australia
Guest performance (improv) + Mark Cauvin + members of DecibelNewMusic at WAAPA (ECU) ‘Sound Unbound’ series.

2015.06.06 London, UK
Heather Roche, Marco Fusi and Rafał Łuc premiere ‘Margin’ in London, in the Riot Ensemble’s portfolio concert.

2015.06.05 Basel, Switzerland
Ensemble Interface performs ‘Fragments after Cioran’ in concert at Gare du Nord.

2015.04.25 Barcelona, Spain
Ensemble CrossingLines premieres ‘Acrisolares’, commissioned by Festival Mixtur, at Fabra i Coats in Barcelona.

2015.04.11 Santiago, Chile
José Luis Urquieta premieres ‘Praeludium’, for solo oboe in concert at Fundación Telefónica.

2015.03.26 Perth, Australia
Guest performance at ‘Sound Unbound’ concert series, Spectrum Project Space, ECU.


2014.11.29 London, UK
BBC Radio 3 presents ‘Plasmares’ alongside music by Liza Lim and Evan Parker on “Hear & Now” (available online all Dec)

2014.11.22 Huddersfield, UK
Ensemble CrossingLines performs ‘Plasmares’ at hcmf// 2014.

2014.10.24 Barcelona, Spain
Ensemble CrossingLines premieres ‘Plasmares’ at l’Auditori.

2014.09.22 Querétaro, Mexico
Solo improvisation at the City Museum, as part of ‘Son the Artistas’ event organised by CEART (Centre for the Arts of the State of Querétaro.)

2014.07-09 Querétaro, Mexico
Composer in Residence hosted by the Arts Council of Mexico.

2014.04-06 Vienna, Austria
Composer in Residence hosted by the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Government) and KulturKontakt Austria.

2014.06.20 Vienna, Austria
Guest lecture at the University for Music and Performing Arts.

2014.06.19 Trento, Italy
‘Sláinte!’ performed by Marco Longo at Festival Contrasti.

2014.06.16-26 Vienna, Austria
‘TLT-MZK’ Installation: AiR exhibition at the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Government).

2014.05.21 Vienna, Austria
Solo improvisation at NadaLokal + guest: Pia Palme.

2014.04.21 Ithaca, NY, USA
Distractfold Ensemble performs ‘Últimos’.

2014.04.14 Chicago, USA
S. Gutierrez, A. DeBoer & J. Langen perform ‘Monotypes #1 and #2’.

2014.04.11 New Orleans, USA
S. Gutierrez, A. DeBoer & J. Langen premiere ‘Monotypes #1 and #2’ at ANODE Festival.

2014.03.25 Lodz, Poland
Distractfold Ensemble premieres ‘Últimos’ at the Filharmonia Łódzka.

2014.03.14 Huddersfield, UK
Publication of issue 4, CeReNeM Journal, curated and edited by P. Alvarez.

2014.03.10 Boston, USA
Heather Roche performs ‘Instead’ at The Green Room, Somerville.


2013.12.05 Huddersfield, UK
Mark Knoop premieres ‘Ver’ in solo concert at St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.

2013.11.27 Santiago, Chile
Compañía de Música Contemporánea performs ‘Two Surfaces’ at Sala Isidora Zégers, U. de Chile.

2013.11.21 Santiago, Chile
Compañía de Música Contemporánea performs ‘Two Surfaces’ at the XXIII Festival de Música Contemporánea UC.

2013.11.18 Huddersfield, UK
Solo improvisation at hcmf// 2013, alongside performances by Phill Niblock and Jennifer Walshe.

2013.10.24 Bangor, Wales, UK
Heather Roche performs ‘Instead’ in concert at Bangor University.

2013.10.23 Malmö, Sweden
Jonas Olsson performs ‘Sláinte!’ in solo concert at Connect Festival.

2013.10.04 Vienna, Austria
Hand Werk performs ‘Two Surfaces’ at the Alte Schmiede gallery in Vienna.

2013.09.25 Berlin, Germany
Heather Roche premieres ‘Instead’ in concert in Berlin.

2013.08.11 Mallorca, Spain
Laia Bobi (Ensemble CrossingLines) performs ‘De Mares Imaginados’ at ME_MMIX Festival in Mallorca.

2013.06.24 Paris, France
Members of Quator Quax perform ‘Untitled on Canvas’.

2013.05.17 Adria, Italy
Bettina Berger (Ensemble Interface) performs ‘De Mares Imaginados’.

2013.05.10 Perth, Australia
Loren Holmes’ video ‘Jolt’ (soundtrack by P.A.) at The Cars that Ate Perth exhibition. Spectrum, ECU.

2013.04.26 Witten, Germany
Hand Werk premieres ‘Two Surfaces’ at the Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik’s ‘Newcomer Concert’.

2013.03.24 Barcelona, Spain
Laia Bobi (Ensemble CrossingLines) performs ‘De Mares Imaginados’ at l’Ateneu Barcelonés.

2013.02.08 Huddersfield, UK
ELISION Ensemble premieres ‘Debris’ in concert at St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.


2012.10.31 Ghent, Belgium
Spectra Ensemble, cond. Filip Rathé, give the world premiere of ‘Interalia’ at the ISCM World Music Days.

2012.07.23 Darmstadt, Germany
Bettina Berger & Anna D’Errico (Ensemble Interface) present ‘Ibid’ (WP), ‘Sláinte!’, and ‘De Mares Imaginados’ at OpenSpace, 46. Ferienkurse.

2012.05.30 Zürich, Switzerland
Klaasje Nieuwhof performs ‘De Mares Imaginados’ at Tanzhaus Zürich.

2012.03.09 Bern, Switzerland
Ensemble Interface gives the world premiere of ‘Fragments after Cioran’ at Dampfzentrale Bern.


2011.08.21 Stuttgart, Germany
Ensemble SurPlus gives the world premiere of ‘Antes’ at Akademie Schloss Solitude.

2011.06.27 Utrecht, Netherlands
Duo Auros gives the world premiere of ‘Untitled on Canvas’ at the Utrecht Conservatorium.

2011.06.20 London, UK
Noriko Kawai performs ‘Sláinte!’ at GoldMusic festival in New Cross.

2011.03.26 London, UK
FUKIO Saxophone Quartet gives the world premiere of ‘De Mares Antiguos’ at King’s College London.

2011.02.15 Graz, Austria
Klaasje Nieuwhof gives the world premiere of ‘De Mares Imaginados’ at IMPULS.